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Considering upgrading to the Mark II and have a few questions.


I've currently got the EM1 but over the past few weeks have been considering upgrading to the Mark II and have a few questions, and some advice from those that made the same switch please.

I've just posted this thread in the EM1 section (thought I'd just link the thread rather than duplicating) and wondered if people experience the same with the Mark II when panning? I don't know if the Mark II would be better in this regard due to the reduced lag and better screen refresh rate?

That would be one very good reason for me to upgrade if I can pan more easily, but the other reasons for considering the upgrade are the dual card slot, better noise handling and better resolution.

With regards to the noise handling of the Mark II is there a noticeable difference when you're up at ISO 3200 and 6400 or is it negligible in the real world (I shoot RAW).

Whilst the Mark II has extra res I was a bit concerned when I stumbled across this site and saw the red swatch in the second series of images that compared the Mark II and Mark I at ISO 200, the Mark 1 appears to show a higher level of detail and contrast in the flowers on the red swatch. Is this just one of those stupid tests that should be ignored, or have others found that the Mark II doesn't resolve certain detail as well. If it's the latter is this just jpeg or RAW as well?

Last silly question. I see that they've not only centralised the tripod thread, but also moved it further forward. For those of you that use the peak design slide with one of the anchors on the tripod plate have you noticed any issues with the new location in terms of how the camera 'sits' on your hip/side?

Any info would be appreciated.
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