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Re: M.Zuiko 7-14mm Adaptor and Filters

Originally Posted by Enzojz View Post
If you are looking for a beginner's kit, you could buy a Haida 100 holder, and combined with the Haida version of my adapter (first solution you have mentioned but the Haida version)

I am quiet confident with the vignette performance this combo with be the best so far in 100mm range(no vignette under any condition), and it's the least expensive since the Haida 100 holder costs only 45GBP on
In conclusion, best performance but least expensive, since this holder has by accident a most reasonable but simple design regarding this subject.

On this facebook post you can see the vignette performance, I put 0, 30 and 45 rotated photo in it.

I am sure it's far better that Phil's adapter in terms of vignette.

For filters, all 100mm filters except Hitech Firecrest are of the same spec, so you can get the one you like. Just mention that ND1000 from Haida is better than Big Stopper (I have both), you can find reviews from Internet about it. For the rest I use Lee since when I bought them it didn't exist Haida or Nisi. Lee has 1.2 grad too.
Thank you for the info, the first option I was referring too was your creation! I didn't know you was a member here.

I will bear the filter info in mind too.

In that case, if I do tend towards the 3D print choice, I will get the Haida version and you will hear from me again
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