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Re: E520 - stick, wait or upgrade now?

Originally Posted by Snookerman View Post

I am leaning towards the m10 mk11, as I think the pancake looks like it would be fabulous for 3 purposes - unobtrusive pics at family gatherings, long walks (little weight to carry) and city walks - easy to point and shoot quick before people get in the shot. The other kit lens (40-150) will just be a bonus, but will get a little use. If what I read is correct, I may use the pancake a lot for these reasons, even if I do get a fancier pro zoom.
Weight is important. I do walk a lot and sometimes longish distances. I don't see it as much advantage in having heavier cameras that maybe fractionally better over lighter ones that do things excellently anyway. My back is important to me and plays up if I mistreat it.

I am thinking that sometimes you just want one lens that stays on nearly all the time...say when you are out with family and want to shoot places and people. I am forever swapping lenses to take portraits as it is.

Another option for family outing type days is just to use the pancake (backed up by the 9-18 when needed) and don't bother with a fancier zoom purchase, but use a standard portrait lens for those times I expect to do portraits too. I don't know the sigma 60mm...will check it out as an option. I did look at the Oly 75mm...but it's very heavy and I walk a lot on family outings so it is not what I want.
I have the pancake 14-42mm EZ fitted on my E-M10 MkII as a "body cap" (with the LC-37C automatic lens cap). Super little lens, the closest focus distance of 0.2m makes it quite useful for close ups too. I think this would be an excellent starting point for you. If you have back problems etc. you will find the move to micro 4/3rds liberating.

Here are some of my posts of shots using this lens. (first three shots.)

All developed from raw using DxO Optics Pro.

If you are thinking of a portrait prime lens consider the little Olympus mZ 45mm f1.8 portrait lens. Although not a "premium" lens it performs well above what you would expect for the price and must be the best bargain in the Olympus lens range.

Here's a portrait using this lens on my E-M5 (Mk I)


she looked at me and said "It's official. I hate your camera. It's just so amazing and perfect I want one!"

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