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Re: Expose to the Right of the Histogram!

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
I should also have quoted from page 6 of the same book:

"When a camera captures six stops of dynamic range (which is fairly typical of today's digital SLRs *), half of the 4,096 levels are devoted to the brightest stop, half of the remainder (1,024 levels) are devoted to the next stop, half of the remainder (512 levels) are devoted to the next stop, and so on. The darkest stop, the extreme shadows, is represented by only 64 levels"

* 2005

The surprising thing about the above is that if we don't pay attention to the exposure histogram, we may not capture a lot of the available data. Say we set the exposure for a scene such that the highlight end of the histogram is just touching the RHS. If we then adjust the exposure down just one stop, we will only capture half the data that we would have done with the initial setting!

This is something I always tell people, as it is often overlooked

I also refer to: as being a useful guide.

We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...
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