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Re: Expose to the Right of the Histogram!

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
I have not heard of this before but it sounds like some form of an algorithmic guessing game, since once the well is full, there's no way for the electronics to determine the degree of clipping. 1x, 1.1x ...10x, or any other value. Some form of interpolation based on neighbouring pixels, maybe.
If someone knows better, please pipe up, I'm more than intrigued.
There is no way of escaping the fact that once the highlights are blown, they are blown. However, in practice raw files (especially from latest generation sensors) have quite a wide margin for retaining detail, which can be pulled back in processing, from highlights that at the time of capture the camera indicated were overexposed. It takes practice to accurately judge how much indicated overexposure you can get away with before the data becomes irretrievable, but when you get it right it makes full use of the dynamic range of your camera's sensor. Of course, if you are photographing fairly static subjects you can hedge your bets by exposure bracketing.

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