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Re: Is C-AF actually improved with v3.0?

Originally Posted by brian1208 View Post
Dave, nope, the 70-300 CX was part-exed for the Oly 12-40 f2.8 and the remaining bits have been passed on to the family

I have sorted what my problem with EM-1 CAF was (poor memory mainly ) I had forgotten that the EM-1 PDAF sensors are linear not cross type so shooting things like small fast moving BIF using CAF is not going to be too hot in landscape mode, but the moment I switched to portrait mode - what an improvement"

I spent a while giving it a real work out yesterday evening, trying to lock on House Martins charging about the sky at considerable distance feeding on gnats.

Over 50+ shots I was getting good lock-on in 60% - 70% of the frames (the martins occupied around 2% of frame area, so much so, I could hardly see what it locked on sometimes )

That will do me

I just need to wait patiently for the free grip to arrive as using the camera in portrait mode without it feels clumsy.
Sounds like a useful tip except portrait orientation when panning a BIF makes life even more difficult. Again we seem to be still searching for the compromise that makes the equipment work for us, it would be nice to not have to compromise considering the amount of dosh we fork out. Even with all this trying out different methods to get CAF to work for us we still haven't got the super telephoto Pro we need! Sort it Olympus!

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