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Old 12th March 2013
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Purple patch?

Tried to grab a quick shot of a little purple house plant that was looking quite fresh the other day. Imagine my suprise when it came out looking like this.

It was even bluer on the LCD screen.

So for someone who only ever uses auto WB and thought it was fine a brief trial and error education.
First I tried cloudy WB and got this.

Better but still too blue. So I tried shadow WB ( a little house symbol with a cast shadow) and got this.

The closest to the real thing I got but a little bit too far and ever so slightly too much pink now. All posted as from the camera.

So what is the right thing to do? Off to try google and see what I can find but if anyone is willing to contribute to my education and suggest how I can get my E510 to show purple correctly I'd be very grateful.

Finally here's a bit more of a close up to finish off. A bit of a contrast tweak in Picassa but still a bit too pink using the shadow WB setting.

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