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Re: Two posts

Originally Posted by Fearless Leader View Post
That church isn't at Swinderby by any chance?
Just looked on google earth and confirmed it was at Rushock.
Thanks for asking as I found out this.......
St. Michael's, Rushock,Worcestershire - final resting place of the legendary drummer John (Bonzo) Bonham.Someone has put a better pic on google earth if you are interested...... there's an interesting sounding village next to Rushock as's Cakebole....

Must be the best mickey taking POST I have put on---the other one's a moany s**

There are loads of Buzzards here as well but mostly soaring/sitting on telegraph posts and trees.So the chance of getting with in yards of one at MY level is well worth the trip and the hawthorn hide is quite cosy in a claustrophobic sort of way...bloody cars come too close though.


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