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EPL3 operational question

I had a very quick look at my nice new EPL3 to check it before it got boxed up again for next week's significant birthday and I spotted something I can't explain. Maybe a PEN expert can comment.

I fitted a MMF1 adapter and tried my 14-54, my 14-42 and my 40-150 4/3 lenses. They all focus and do what they should, so the camera is talking to them through the adapter properly.

So: I set the EPL3 to Aperture priority and I see the shutter speed react to changing light. However, I couldn't make the rotating dial thing change the aperture, it was stuck at f5.6 in all cases.

I checked the menu and the dial was set for f.No in Aperture mode.

(The fly in the ointment is that I didn't have a memory card to install, but that can't be the reason surely)

I take it this is user error, not camera fault

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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