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Re: Shutter Actuations

I have an E-600 which is the cut down version of the E-620 - it doesn't have the illuminated buttons, reduced number of art filters and one other thing I can't remember. It was exclusive to Currys/PCWorld in the UK. The E-600/620 is a great camera and I'd recommend it. I only bought the E-3 because it was attached to the 14-54mm lens I was looking for - that was also the case when I stumbled on the E-1 I spoke of before. It was at too good a price to miss. I've also got the 70-300mm lens which as you'll see from other peoples posts here is a great lens for the money in the right hands. Have a look at Ann1e's gallery she shoots mainly with the 70-300 and gets some stunning results. I also bought a second hand Sigma Achromatic Diopter for the 70-300 to enhance it's macro capabilities. They aren't in production anymore but can be got on eBay for around 10. Make sure you get a 58mm thread though as they also produce a 52mm which obviously wont fit the 70-300mm. Here's a shot taken with the 70-300 and Sigma diopter - the stamen was 3-4mm in length.

As you can see depth of field is a bit of an issue at times with this combination.
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