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Flash for macro insects with an E-500

I'd be very grateful for advice. I'm wanting to try using faster shutter speeds to capture detail on insects, with a Sigma 105mm macro lens on my E-500, handheld. Given a limited budget, it sounds as though a flashgun on a bracket might be worth saving for, and I'm trying to find out what's possible with an FL-36 (R or otherwise). For example, can anyone tell me if itís possible, and effective, to shoot Super FP with an E-500, with an FL-36?
The manual doesn't really help on this, and the American Olympus website seems to suggest there'd only be limited communication/ speed. The FL-50 sounds as though it definitely would work, but Iím thinking it would be much heavier to have on one side on a bracket, as well as being much more expensive, and isn't it a waste to have all that throw when Iím only interested in close-ups of insects? Any help would be much appreciated!
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