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More 40-150 issues...

Some may recall that a long time back I complained that my viewfinder was very dark using this lens even when fully open. Well the same problem persists, except in all but the brightest light its almost impossible to see anything there, and the camera fails to AF. The lens is a mk1 f3.5-4.5 which I feel should be giving me a little more than it is.

Other than this, I have put down the poor photographs from it to me being particularly shakey despite trying all the tips on how to reduce shake.

I'm not really into dropping another large wedge of cash on a fast(er) lens so does anyone have any tips on what I can do to improve the quality and especially the view finder brightness (after the 14-54 its like shooting in complete darkness)? I feel that my paralympic shots in a few weeks will be limited to the 14-54 unless I can do something substantial to improve my images.

How good is the e5xx or e6xx with the IS over an e410? Again not wanting to really upgrade but it may be a longer term solution

There are some shots comparing my lenses on a good day in my Flickr under "lens issues?" set.


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