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Re: Panorama Trials and Tribulations (warning very wide images)

Originally Posted by AMc View Post
My iPhone and FujiFilm XF1 both have a sweep panorama function where the camera takes one long electronic exposure displaying the result on the screen as it progresses.

The iPhone also uses the gyroscope to help you to avoid pitching up and down during the process.

I've never been very happy with the Olympus panorama mode in the cameras (PL5, M10 and M10ii) I don't think I've ever successfully shot the sequence so that Olympus Viewer would stitch them.

So I just shoot a sequence of stills and put them together with Lightroom - which does a decent job in my experience. I've used ICE but as it doesn't work on ORF (?) I'd have to preprocess then stitch which limits what you can do to the whole image unless you've been very rigorous with the original exposure, white balance etc.

One thing I keep intending to try but seem to forget in the moment is to try a sequential high or low burst and swing the camera through the arc.
I guess I'd need to use the mechanical shutter to avoid jelly effect from the electronic one.

It would probably take some practice to get the right speed - I've had sequences where Lightroom is unable to stitch all the images together because they're too close together but selecting a smaller number is possible.
Thinking out loud I suppose too many is just a case of selecting fewer images to form the stitch...

The sweep would help with this kind of shot where there's no way you can stop all activity in the image.

You just have to pick your moment and take the shots as fast as you can.
If you look (not very closely) you can see quite a few interesting mistakes - I still like the image but it is quite flawed!
I've found it difficult to get the number of images right for a while and seem to have settled on a nominal 50% overlap between photos, sometimes slightly more.

I then use Lightroom to merge/stitch the individual photos, I've given up on all the other options for merging as the results I've been getting are so much better on the latest version of Lightroom.
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