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Re: An army of clones

Originally Posted by Simon Bee View Post
Don't blame me, I only pointed out that M6 to you

Thanks for the link Steve, very good work and I totally agree with the photographer.

BTW, even though these days I infrequently 'log in' I still follow the forum and I must say your street photography is impressive.

Personally I am about to add a second FM3a to the one I already have, just love that camera so much , still use the two F6 but there is something rather special about the FM3a that keeps me wanting to shoot with it.

Kind regards,

Cheers Simon!
Yes the M6 started my conversion and I thank you for pointing me in the direction of an absolute bargain. It's a keeper for sure and last year I decided to have it CLAd by CameraWorks-UK (Alan and James Starkie) who provide a first class service. Now restored internally it's a camera that will outlast me I'm sure.

About a year or so ago I switched from street photography to photographing things, a sort of sabbatical, but the sirens are calling me to return from where I started back in 2013. I need to have an emotional connection in my work, but objects don't quite do it for me.

I get the GAS attacks now and again like everyone else and lately I've been eyeing the FM2 or possibly the F3 (although the latter has probably too much electronics for my liking). It's like a scratch having not owned a Nikon. Life is short, so why not!

on flickr
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