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Re: EM-1 MARK II review

Originally Posted by Bengeo View Post
The EM1 has always felt "slow" to me compared with the Sony models I had before. Take a burst and then try and review and there is a wait, even with a fast card.
Interesting: what Sonys did you have before?

My experience with the A7S isn't that at all - both writing and reviewing images feel about the same, while the E-M1 (and 5ii) is enormously faster at switching on and being able to take the first shot, and also noticeably quicker at showing a correctly-exposed image in the eVF.

I have missed street shots with the A7S while waiting for it to wake up! Firmware updates improved it a bit, but it's still glacial in comparison.

I know also that it was an oft-repeated criticism of the A7Rii on launch that reviewing images took an age, but maybe they've solved that now with firmware updates. How does it seem to you, Paul?

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