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Re: EM-1 MARK II review

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
For landscape shooters, it looks like we're essentially in the same position today as we were when the E-M5 was launched 4 years ago.
Well I guess your MkII is nicer to use (except for the screen!) but I can see your point.

The EM1 has always felt "slow" to me compared with the Sony models I had before. Take a burst and then try and review and there is a wait, even with a fast card. Press a button when the camera is "busy" and the action isn't queued but ignored and you have to press again. I've got used to it, but the new model does seem to promise much better performance.

C-AF is important to me and I've got the EM1 to work, but it's not easy. I'm waiting for a proper review of this mode as most reviewers seem to only play with it or ignore it.
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