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Re: W10 peek-a-boo for Junes update

Originally Posted by Jax View Post
The Win product keys are stored in the computer's Bios, so a new SSD drive would no have no effect on whether the installation was accepted or not. It would have been the previous Win10 key that allowed and validated the update.

That isn't quite correct. When you register the OS with Microsoft they record the unique serial number from your motherboard as a unique identifier and keep that on their database. That is why you can now change major components such as hard drives and CPU's without having to re-authenticate the software. If only Adobe was that clever.

What I am unsure about is corporate type machines such as my HP which always came with a choice of two or more operating systems from new. It seems this is some kind of blanket licence. Our son tried to install W7 on a new SSD in his HP laptop using the manufacturer's restore disks. It checked for updates on install and automatically installed W10 without asking. He particularly wanted W7 to use some legacy software so he reinstalled W7 making sure all internet connections were disconnected!

A final point, if you are planning to reinstall the OS to a new SSD using manufacturer's restore disks make sure the SSD is at least as big as the original hard drive. If it isn't the OS will refuse to install even though it doesn't need the space.

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