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Re: The beauty of grain

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
So I can uderstand your point of view, could you identify one or two and elaborate. Remembering of course his ownership and copyright etc.
OK, without copying anything.

No 1: What even is it? The film has also been damaged in handling. That is unacceptable in my view. On looking a little longer on my second (smaller) monitor I can see it is a face, but it is barely recognisable.

No 2: This is little better and seems rather pointless to me. As one of a collection it is perhaps OK but not as a standard.

No 3: I like this.

No 4: I don't get this. My eye is drawn to the grain in the sky, away from the couple.

No 5: I also quite like this.

No 6: How is this a wedding photograph?

No 7: The Violinist. This could be a good photograph without the film handling marks. A slightly shorter exposure would have helped too.

No 8: What?

No 9: A bunch of wilting flowers captured out of focus.

No 10: The landscape portrait. I like this but it would have been a lot better as a portrait with the girl's hair included.

No 11: OK-ish but spoilt by the light flare.

No 12: Nice.

No 13: OK-ish, but again spoilt by the light flare. This could have been better balanced.

No 14: Groom and Groom. Why cut off Groom No 1's head?

No 15: I quite like this. So he can do portraits after all?

No 16: I am losing the will to live.

No 17: I like.

No 18: This really doesn't work in B&W. Why all the grain when presumably there was plenty of light?

I am not going to critique every photograph but hopefully you will see where I am coming from.

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