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Re: Show us your first cameras

My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Starmite. Don't have a photo of it, but you can see an image and some info about the camera here:-

Subsequently I got, and still have, a Voigtlander Vitessa 500s 35mm camera which provided sterling service for many years - including an overland trip by van to Isfahan in Iran.

In the mid-70s, after I'd been working for about 3 years I splashed out on an OM-2n and my fondness for the Olympus brand was cemented. I used the OM-2 for many years, acquired a variety of lenses (from 28mm to 300mm) and bought my wife an OM-10 (handy as a backup!).

Some time in the '90s I bought an Olympus IS-100. I'm still not really sure why I bought this, because it seemed a big step backwards and my photographic output tailed off.

In 2004 we went on a rail holiday in the Canadian Rockies and I decided the time had come to try digital photography. I bought a Konica Minolta A1 (5Mp with a 28-200mm zoom). The A1 incorporated in-body IS - which came in very handy for taking pictures from a moving train. The claimed ISO range was 100-800; in practice ISO800 was unusably noisy and ISO400 was only good for emergencies!

After squatting on this forum in 2007 for about 6 months I took the plunge and bought an E-3 just after they were launched. A wonderful camera though I considered it large and heavy. So the E-M5 followed - but this was too small for comfort and I changed to an E-M1 as soon as possible.
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