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Old 22nd August 2018
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Re: To flash or not

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Normally for fungi, where I can use a longish exposure because they don't blow around in the wind (mostly), I use ambient light, but I had a bit of a play around today.

I think Andy sums my feelings up best. It's not that I'm unhappy with the shots, but off-camera flash seems to be better for ID/Specimen shots as it brings out the detail. I don't like the blown highlights on the usually shiny caps though, the're a bit harsh. And carting a flipping great diffuser around isn't a goer. I do use a folding 450cm reflector (when I remember it ) but that still creates blown highlights. The ambient light shots, which are usually in shade for woodland fungi, are nice and soft and I think I prefer these aesthetically, except where I want to get rid of the background.

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