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Re: Four reasons why film photography is stupid

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
And there I was thinking it was a serious piece of work.
Steve, I just dusted off my unused Nikon 35Ti and am seriously disappointed with the results. This is reputed to be a high-class point and shoot camera that cost serious money when it was launched and still needs close to 350 to buy. The photography is cr*p but the quality of the prints is rubbish. I used a lab for processing and some film bought from Boots. Its a pity as I thought that I would use film for a project tracing the locations frequented by an infamous East London criminal born about 1886. Still got a couple of frames in my XA so will be interesting to see the results from that.

Maybe that guy was right after all and the ghosts of past owners are jinxing my efforts? If you have any tips about film selection, processing, please let me know.

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