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Re: Bought a Brand new MK1 E-M5

As a relative newcomer to "proper" (i.e. better than point and click) photography, I'd like to add a couple of comments.

First, I think these forums are for people with a wide range of capabilities and equipment budgets and ability levels, even including me. (In fact I've felt very welcomed). And also different styles of photography. The key things seem to be to want to make (and preferably share) good images, and to be open to learning and sharing experience. The forums are enriched by having a wide range of people with different experiences and interests and styles. We can all enjoy photography in our different ways.

The site is especially focussed on Olympus users, but many subjects (such as composition) are of general interest. Getting good images is only partly about equipment. (The "pro photographer with cheap camera challenge" is fun and instructive). And even for a person with infinite budget and carrying capacity, there are always trade-offs.

Originally Posted by Pistnbroke View Post
I dont think you would turn up at a building site either with an M5 even a chunky builder would smell a rat.
That's an interesting aspect which I'm beginning to notice; the way the appearance of the type of camera you have affects people's interaction. Some street photographers deliberately choose very discreet cameras. In many contexts I'm enjoying having a camera that looks (and sounds) like a "real" camera, not like a phone or a tablet, nor like a compact. But I don't look at all like a press photographer with a couple of extra bodies with huge battered off-white Canon lenses dangling from my shoulders. In some contexts something more discrete or more pocketable could be useful. Never tried building sites!

I suppose if you're in a context where having grand looking equipment is important, but you have more modest-looking equipment, there might be cheaper ways to achieve this than buying genuine multi-thousand-pound kit. (Remember when car radios had removable fascias, and some people would use a fascia of a cheap-looking radio when parked to stop is getting stolen, and an expensive-looking one on other occasions to impress the girls?)

Originally Posted by Pistnbroke View Post
Horses for courses ,the wider the lens the more MP you need ..half the focal length 4x the MP to maintain IQ etc etc ....
I've not come across that interesting rule of thumb before, though I had formed the impression that landscapes benefit especially from megapixels. But I've seen great wide-angle landscape shots from OMDs. The difference is probably most relevant if you want to make huge prints. Many folk don't.
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