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Re: Dealer Sale - 90-250mm £2750

Originally Posted by Ralph Harwood View Post
Hi there Simon!

I'm very jealous of your bag of goodies, however I don't know if I'd dare leave the house with that value of camera gear on my back!

Have fun with the 90-250 and don't forget to post some more images!


Hi Ralph,

Don't be jealous, remember it's the 'talent' and not the kit that captures a great image

I don't alude to being a great photographer just one who likes the 'fine things in life' . It's quite possible you're images are better than mine

No matter how much value you have in your kit never be afraid to leave the house, otherwise you will not get the fullest enjoyment from it, this is where insurance comes into play. But I do know what you mean, I once owned a 39mp Hasselblad H3D II along with five lenses for it, all in a rucksack on my back and worth more than some new BMW cars for example. That's when you start to worry and consider whether you have lost the plot

A year after getting it I sold it back to Hasselblad in London, yep I lost some serious money but nothing like I would have if I still had it now. I'm not a "Pro" so it wasn't 'earning its keep' and I came to my senses thank God, a valuable lesson learned there

I'm looking forward to getting the opportunity to really use the 90-250 and indeed I shall post further images taken with it as and when I get chance too, also from the other SHG lenses too. One thing I plan to do at sometime in the 'near' future is produce a blog about my love affair with Olympus and share my experiences and images taken with these superb optics.

Kind regards, Simon
“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”
― Henri Cartier-Bresson
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