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Re: EM-1 Lock-up Information

Scaring me too. I had a lock-up, only once yesterday, the proposed image was stuck in the view finder, the on/off switch did'nt work, and the only way to recover was to remove the battery.
I was trying "CAF Lock" (cogs->"A" -"CAF Lock"), If I remember correctly, proposed by Brain1208, ref: Thruxton Meeting and CAF working.
What I cannot be sure is if I was touching the Shutter button at the same time as taking my eye from the view finder, which might have confused the camera.
To me the shutter button seems very sensitive, not like the E-M5, I think it is referred to as "soft touch button". Much prefer the E-M5 button myself.
Sorry to go no a bit, but maybe this might help.
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