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Re: External SSD drive

Originally Posted by MJ224 View Post
If I was to buy an external SSD drive, what size is good?

I know, how long is a piece of string? My main requirement is to speed up LR and PS loading, and other not so often used programmes, and maybe put the OS (W10) onto it....

I see there are 250GB SSDs for reasonable prices....What if it fails , presumably back ups deal with that scenario.....

Any pitfalls and general advice appreciated...
There is no point in getting a fast external SSD drive if your PC doesn't have a USB3 port. (Or even USB 3.1)

If it does then make sure the SSD has the right adapter first. Its a minefield picking one that works best.

If you only have USB2 ports on your PC then it really is a waste of money as the bandwidth through the USB bus cant handle the SSD speed. In that case, just get a fast hard disk external disk drive which is way cheaper.

You would get more performance improvement by replacing the internal hard disk in your PC/Laptop with an SSD. I have done that on my HP laptop and it makes it fly. Cost less than 90 for 500GB.

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