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Re: Do We Rely Too Much on Electricity?

Originally Posted by wornish View Post
As the person works for the National Grid, of course, they would say they have a strategy and they have "thought a lot" about EVs and the changes coming. Be nice of them to perhaps share that strategy and get outside critical review. My guess is their strategy is simply to make as much profit as possible without investing in replacing any old infrastructure.

If they can't handle two small generators going out without huge areas of the UK losing power for hours we are in trouble.

Delivering power is a little bit more critical than delivering a variety of foodstuffs. NYC had a major power outage a few days ago which lasted more than a whole day. This was when the temperatures were in the high 90's F so they suffered even more than us.

Did you ask your contact what they have invested in the last 15 or so years and what they plan to invest in the next 15?

If we have a long term strategy has your contact claims how come that for the base level supply, the UK has no company capable of building a nuclear power station! We should be ashamed of that fact given our history. But eh oh all is well.

Sitting back and saying its all fine trust us is typical of a fat cat business whose overpaid senior management are incompetent. Apparently, all of them are on holiday at the moment so no one can be contacted. What a demanding life they lead.
The Grid do share their strategy. I no longer have access to the information having retired, but I regularly got updates on what issues were seen for the short medium and long terms of the networks, both at transmission and distribution levels.

One of the complexities is the desire to do the correct thing is often compromised by political meddling to do the "green policy Du Jour" which can undo some of the work in place to date...

As a major consuming customer, we managed to reduce our demand on the electricity networks nationally by roughly 400,000,000kWh/annum and we were one user... this style of reduction changes the way in which the networks plan their strategies, and they also are encouraging consumers to look at supporting technologies for their consumptions, as I left 2 years ago the negotiations to install several 3GWh battery networks into the business were well under way. - I'm not interested enough to find out if they're installed and operational yet!
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