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Re: Too dark


I am afraid that there won't have been anywhere near enough light indoors to shoot at 1/1000.

I have just shot a theatre rehearsal indoors with fluorescent lighting in a room with a ceiling approx. 10' tall and even with ISO at 2000 (I have an E-30) and f/2.8 (50-200mm lens) I was lucky to shoot at 1/125.

These are the situations where a top of the range Nikon with much higher useable ISO and very fast glass are going to be necessary to shoot the speeds you want to.

I assume that flash would not be allowed so as to not distract the gymnasts during their manoeuvres.

The flashing -5 was the camera's light meter telling you that the shutter speed you chose was too fast to get a well exposed photograph.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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