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Re: Was this worth being bitten by a dog?

I don't think anything is worth being bitten by a dog, even though it is a lovely scene and somehow makes me think if Ley Lines.

I do hope Anne's OK and that the wound is healing cleanly.

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
You really should have taken the women's details and told her you would be reporting the incident to the police. Anne should also have gone to the hospital for an anti tetanus injection. An out of control dog like that needs attention - the next time it could be a child getting seriously attacked.
Especially as the dog owner is the owner of the land across which there's a public footpath, and is clearly unable to control the dog.

I was once bitten in similar circumstances, didn't report if because I didn't want to make a fuss, but always regret not doing so. I couldn't walk for nearly a week because of the puncture wounds - through thick denim. I've often wondered how bad it might have been had I been wearing shorts. I wouldn't hesitate to use monopod or tripod to keep an errant dog at bay.
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