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Re: Was this worth being bitten by a dog?

Like the pic Barrie. Just got in and thought I had better check first if anyone had made a reference to my best friend. Sorry to hear of the bite. If there is a puncture resulting from the bite, be careful and keep an eye on it. It could become infected.
Its careless of the owner to let the dog off the lead if she could not control the dog, ignorant for not checking the damage and at least apologising and irresponsible for not immediately putting the dog on the lead immediately following the incident. Putting the lead on would tranmit the disapproval to the dog. Leaving it free means the lesson is not learnt.
I let my dog off the lead because I am 100% sure this sort of thing would never happen. He remains under control and listens to instructions. Despite this, the size of him makes some people nervous and I put him on the lead in these circumstances.

Kind regards

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