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Re: Was this worth being bitten by a dog?

Originally Posted by j.baker View Post
I like the picture. I think it need slightly more saturation to make it bolder.

Did you take a photo of the dog and its owner. If so maybe we could have a caption competition.

BTW, you are not completely level. You are 2-3 pixels higher on the right.

How did you get it that level?
Unfortunately I don't like dogs that much after being bitten in my youth (mind it stopped my stuttering) so to try and slide my Slingshot 200 round to get the camera and present it in the face of the owner - I might well have been bitten myself.

As for the level - gosh, I must be improving. I did use some saturation but backed off some due to the earth in the foreground looking too ruddy brown/red.

Thanks John B

Regards. Barr1e
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