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Adventures in Franglais, and the Night Shot Mode of My Phone

If you're bored already, skip to the last paragrpahy where I have something photohraphically relevant to say.

So, I'm in Lomé, Togo, a country nestled between Benin and Ghana, with Burkina Faso to the North. In Lomé, the British government advice is not to go anywhere by yourself. After places like Harare, Nairobi, Cotonou and Abidjan, which I found a little bit walkable (Kenyans in particular are just out to swindle you, rather than out and out violence), this level of crime threat comes as a shock. Still, it has been interesting. The city has a border with Ghana, so English is unexpectedly good, hence the first surprise at the Airport:

"Bonjour. Une SIM card avec Deux gigabytes S'il vous plaît"
"Just two? We offer double speed if you buy four."

Then at the pharmacy, this afternoon, I attempted humour and made the pharmacist giggle:

”Avez-vous de la cétirizine pour mon allergie? Avec un metric ton de Kleenex?"

Now, I've never really tried the Night Shot mode of my Huawei P20, but it seems to do something similar to what Google does with its latest and greatest:

Just the TV and iPad for illumination:

Huawei Night Shot Mode 01
by Jason Hindle, on Flickr

Dusk? Dusk? Dusk? Anybody? How many calories in Dusk? (quite a lot it turns out, as that's when I visit the bar)

Huawei Night Shot Mode 4
by Jason Hindle, on Flickr

Not fun to look out of the window of my safe, fairly plush hotel room and see this. And these people at least have a roof over their heads.

Daytime/indoors since I learned from a dpreview video that night shot modes mean mega dynamic range:

Huawei Night Shot Mode 2
by Jason Hindle, on Flickr

Huawei Night Shot Mode 3
by Jason Hindle, on Flickr

Now imagine for the a moment the results of this kind of computational photography via a Four Thirds sized sensor? But what about real photos from this trip? I have a Fujifulm XF10 with me, and I've asked the customer if I can borrow one of the people who drives me to/from the office for a little photographic expedition. If not, I will at least try to get a photo of the racially biased headless mannequins before I leave....
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