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Re: Recent Thread Closure

Originally Posted by Naughty Nigel View Post
As I have suggested previously, I am increasingly coming to the view that we need an image of Zuiko showing a red or yellow card to offenders on the forum. That way everything would be open and transparent, and there would be fair warning of impending thread closures and sendings off. Anyone whining to the Referee trying to get others sent off should be sent for an early bath themselves.

In the meantime honourable members need to learn to play the ball, not each other. That way politics and other sensitive subjects can be discussed without them getting personal. As above, anyone who cannot abide by this rule should either receive a few hours in the 'sin bin' or treated to an early bath.

As in society, it is offenders who should be made to face justice. Taking away the freedoms of one and all is never a satisfactory solution and will always cause bad feeling.
The problem is when Admin do visit, for whatever reason they don't always see or recognise offensive posts. In that case, whining to the referee is the only alternative other than taking things into your own hands. Experience proves this only ends up in a slanging match between the complainant, offending member concerned and their Fan Boys.

Just for the record, at least I whined to the referee in the open playing field for all to see as opposed to sneaking behind members backs and using PM's. Am I still relegated to an early bath in your opinion

Your final comment is one I have made myself in here with not a hope in hell of ever seeing it put into practice. Closing a thread is obviously far easier and less stressful and confrontational than having to deal with the offending member concerned who simply waits a while for things to cool down and the saga begins again.

As always just my personal opinion which as a member ( for now anyway ) I believe i'm entitled to express.

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