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FS: Dig.OM kit? Classic E400 plus..

I have reluctantly decided I must sell something before I buy anything else

Here is my version of a "digital OM". My E400 has just over 7800 shots and is in good clean condition with no scratches to screen or optics. It has a genuine Katzeye split image screen fitted and a 4/3 to OM adapter.

I bought this new but this has been my backup camera since I got the E510, so its only had light use for a year.

To go with this you get two and a half lenses :-)

There is an OM 28mm f2.8, quite clean but with some light scuffs to the front coating - nothing optically serious. No fungus, no scratches. It makes a nice plain standard lens.

Then there is an OM 50mm f1.8, very clean, no scuffs, scratches or fungus. This makes a good low light short telephoto. Both OM lenses have snappy diaphragms and produce great images on the E400.

Finally I am including this Vivitar 135 f2.8. Not a bad lens, but needs to be used at f5.6 for sharpest results really. No scratches or fungus.

All 3 lenses have been matched to the OM-4/3 adapter to give accurate infinity focus.

You also get the Olympus box for the original 2 zoom kit, (but I am keeping the kit zoom lenses) together with the battery, charger, leads, booklets, disks and other stuff that came with it.

So, price for the E400 body, 4/3 adapter, OM28, OM50, Viv135, battery, battery charger, box, disks, cables etc is 199 and collect from W Berks or otherwise 199 + insured postage.

Any takers?


PS, It comes with a 250Mb CF card for that "36 exposure" experience :-)
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