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Re: 67 or 85mm Hitech Filters?

Picked up some Hitech firecrest nd filters in 10 stop (3.0) and 6 stop (1.8) and a couple of firecrest grads today and took them to a beach near the shop to get some shots. I was a bit pushed for time so just parked up and grabbed what was in front of me. If anyone would like the raw files to play with, I'll email them over.
I decided on these over the Lee as the reviews I had seen looked good, they were a bit cheaper overall and the grads are glass not resin (the resin filters I have seem to attract dust like mad). And they're British!
I was a bit disappointed that having e-mailed Hitech over availability of the filters as they were showing a pre-order time of 1-2 weeks that they never replied.
I looked on their site and found a dealer an hours drive from me who was very helpful and had them in shop for me in 3 days. So big thanks to Paul at Cambrian photography in Colwyn Bay.

no filters

10 stop

10+6 stop

no filter

10+6 stop

All SOOC jpegs reduced for forum in viewer 3. auto white balance.

sorted the links out - is it just me that right-click to copy doesn't work for when in gallery?? I have to highlight and then use ctrl+c.

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