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Re: 67 or 85mm Hitech Filters?

Originally Posted by PaulB View Post
a review of the new Hitech firecrest glass 16 stop nd (10 and 6 stop available too). The tester finds them really good compared to the Lee 10 stop. They filters are a bit cheaper, the holders are a sight cheaper!
I have the older 85mm Hitech resin 10 stop nd and find it difficult to get rid of the colour cast as I struggle with photoshop but thinking of getting a 10 stop and grad nd in the 67mm size firecrest.
Wish hitech would show their prices including vat!!
I looked at that review before and was quite interested in the firecrest. If you look at the middle image with the Firecrest there is still some magenta cast. At 16 stops it might be a really good performer, but still some magenta. You would think magenta would be easy to correct but I find it a faff, blue seems much easier. Im going to stick with Lee but still want to replace my 100x100 stoppers so please share your thoughts when you get them.
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