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67 or 85mm Hitech Filters?

Ive now decided to stop worrying about trying to use my existing full size lees after seeing the price of Hitechs.
I can get a full set of 67mm (tiny!) for 160!
Soft grads 3 6 9
Hard grads 3 6 9
Reverse 3 6 9
ND 3 6 9
Two rings 52 and 62mm and a holder. Thats just insane.

Im going to order a set of grads so I can check the colour cast. From what I read and Ian says they are ok, blue ish, but cast more stacked.

Im not sure whether to go with 67 or 85mm though. 67 would be great for size, but is there enough to allow positioning and will there be vignetting on a 9-18mm?? I think it would be fine on my 12-40 after playing with a lee holder to see how close I can get it to the edge of the lens before it encroaches, but don't have the 9-18 yet till next week. Anyone any experience?
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