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Re: Firmware 1.1 issue after installation

Thanks Bilbo for your help it's much appreciated and has put me on the right track.

My previous background has seen me working for many years with all pro NIkon kit and recently sold off lots of Nikon gear including two D3x's and two D700's along with some beautiful glass, all pro gear.

I'm fairly new to the EM1 although I own 2 EM5's. The EM1 has caught me on the hop a couple of times and this is one of them. What I didn't realize is that the camera can itself change your setting of RAW only in certain circumstances. If you're set to RAW only and then use OIS to operate the camera it will shoot in RAW + jpeg without you having made a change in image quality thus I've mislead myself into thinking that it was in RAW mode so I must be seeing the embedded jpeg from the RAW file which wasn't the case.

I've also found that if you've selected RAW only which is so normal for me then look at some of the features on your new toy image quality can be changed without you realising it. IWhen I first got the camera and set RAw only I then looked at a few features like the color wheel, shadow highlight curve and then found out later that the camera had selected a jpeg option. I know that for HDR, color wheel etc this will occour on a jpeg but didn't realise the camera was changing my selection in the background.

Again Bilbo thanks for your help, made me stop and think which is what I needed. What I didn't need was some wise owl who obviously can only sit back and make fun of other forum members who for whatever reason weren't seeing things correctly and therefore making inncorrect statements unintentionally. Fortunately, there are plenty members on here who are glad to help others out.
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