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Returning to Olympus

I'm just coming back to Olympus after about four years. I had an Oly E3, but accidentally bought a Nikon D700. After a few months I sold the E3 to buy a Panasonic GH1, thinking I'd get the same IQ (from the same basic sensor) in a more portable body.

I was wrong. I never liked the Panasonic images, either jpeg or Raw converted in ACR, nearly as much as the E3 images. Maybe it was partly lenses; I'd come from 12-60 and 50-200 SWD on the E3 to an 18-180 (I think) and an Oly 9-18 on the GH1.

I passed the GH1 to my son who loves it. I replaced it with a Nikon D5100, neat and light with decent IQ and the swivel screen I'd loved on the E3.

Now however I want a camera I can fit in a (large) jacket pocket. I wouldn't buy another Panasonic (they all have the same GH1 colours) and was looking at the Oly OMD and the Sony Nex 6.

I tried the demo OMD in my local shop, but it's hard to get the feel of a camera in a short time. I felt the grip should be bigger and didn't like the power switch placement, but otherwise liked it a lot.
I couldn't try the Nex 6 because there wasn't yet one in the shop, but I tried an Nex 5R which has the same body size. It felt rather better in the hand, but for some reason I didn't love it. The menu system was completely unfathomable, neither I nor the helpful shop manager could get the ISO off 12,600.

Though I hear the OMD menus can be tough at first, too.

What settled me on buying an OMD was the sample images I've seen. Nex 6 owners have posted photos I've thought flat and dull (sometimes saying how wonderful they were), while most of the OMD images have been very promising. Of course there have been exceptions both ways, but overall the OMD images appeal to me much more.

I think the best APC- S sensors still just have the edge on the OMD sensor, but it doesn't matter how sharp or noise-free an image is, or how much DR it has, if you don't love it, it's not a good image. Well, not for me it isn't.

So I'm hoping to get back to images I love from a camera I can carry round with me. I still have the D700, a great camera but it's a heavy lump with heavy lenses. Too much to lug around on a carefree ramble up the steep hills near where I live.

OMD arriving very soon, fingers crossed it lives up to expectations.

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