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Please help to judge our Safari Group Competition...

Hello everyone,

I'm very excited to share with you, that we have added a rating facility to images in our Event Highlight gallery for our last Safari Group event in Whitby... may I ask for your help in rating the images, which will help with our competition?

Thanks to fellow Safari Group member, Mike Hessey for this simple description of the rating :

"Please rate each image by clicking the appropriate number of stars (more stars equals better). You can rate as many pictures as you want, but you can only rate each image once."

Also, please click on the thumbnail to see the image at a reasonable size before rating... as the thumbnails are square crops of the full image.

I would hugely appreciate your feedback on the ease of rating, and any other comments which will allow us to improve the experience of visitors?

Also, if you like what we're doing here... please drop me an e-mail via my profile, and I will be happy to include you in all future Safari Group projects!

Kind Regards

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