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Re: Mac or PC?

Originally Posted by jamie allan View Post
I have no axe to grind either way - I hope you will accept that. It's Stephen's money and Stephen's decision on what he will eventually buy. However I've got to say that your comments here and in the follow ups show a real bias. According to the statistics I have garnered from Gartner and others the Mac has approx 10% of the US PC/laptop market and 5-6% of the worldwide market. Those figures may be down to
1) going with the flow
2) initial cost
3) on going costs
4) other issues
but the figures are real and need to be acknowledged. There are reasons that the majority of PC/laptop buyers buy regular Windows PCs/laptops.
Totally agree Jamie, and is the very same reason I (and very likely yourself, too) choose to use Olympus cameras, when possibly 85% (or more) of the camera user market use other brands.

There must be a reason for that, eh!


Oh, and I am not biased, as I have used both systems extensively. It's not bias... it's preference, and it is based on personal experience.

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