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Re: Mac or PC?

Yes indeed, some very good info here now.

Just to add, that the Macbook I had for 4 years served me very well and only showed signs of slowing down when I had the likes of CS5, LR3, Photomatix Pro, MS Office, FFox running all at the same time... I sold it for 200 just a little while ago after paying 699 for it 4 years ago. I did have a hard drive fail on me, but that was one that I installed myself, and not the original hard drive. It was simply time for me to upgrade, and I purchased a 13" MacBook Pro with the spec I already mentioned, which just flies.

One more thing about Apple. On the original(ish) Macbooks there is what seems to be a material type design flaw. The four of us here (wife & kids) had Macbooks each, and each one developed the same symptoms. After about 2 years of use, the corners and edges of the machine where the plastic of the inside panels (around keyboard and around screen) started to crack slightly, and small strips started to come off - noticeably where ones hands rest on either side of the machine when using the touchpad. I went to the Mac store in Cardiff the other week with two laptops and mentioned this to the chaps in the store... who informed me that this was not acceptable, and would I like to leave each machine (and bring along the 3rd at home when free) with them for them to fit replacement panels and keyboards on each of the machines. When I asked how much this would cost... "oh sir, sorry, this will be totally free of charge, for all your machines". This was on three 3 or 4 yr old Macbooks, each totally out of warranty. We now have three Macbooks that not only perform as well now as the day they were purchased, but also look as good as new too!!. Couldn't fault the service. Try getting that level of customer service at PC World eh

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