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Re: Olympus XZ-1 compact may be of interest to Pen fans

About time! Olympus used to produce some fantastic compacts in film days. And it's not the first compact to bear a Zuiko lens, only the first digital compact. My 35RC had a rather fine 42mm f2.8.

I like the look of this new camera, particularly the large control ring situated around the lens - far better for me than fiddly little dials and wheels. The lens range is perfect for general use photography and I don't doubt that this will be a high quality optic. If only it had a 4/3 sensor, even if it made it a little bigger! Even so, it promises to be a viable high quality compact for ultimate portability when high ISO (above 400) is not required.

Santa, you missed me this year, how about next Christmas? (Although if it's first come, first served with the orders I'd rather have an E-5!)

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