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Re: e-group UK forum terms and conditions

Originally Posted by Ellie View Post
I thought I'd read the T&C carefully when I joined, but I must admit I didn't notice this.

I'd sort of thought there might be software that wouldn't let pictures be downloaded, because there's so much stuff about people taking pictures and using them somewhere else, being able to right click on any picture site is open to abuse. Mind you, I don't know if I'd be annoyed or pleased if it happened to something of mine, I think it would depend how and where it was used.

I've posted pictures on other sites, nobody has ever downloaded and edited them without asking first, in fact they've always asked if I'd send them a copy by email. I hadn't imagined anybody would do it without asking beforehand. So I suppose it puts me in the "No, not unless you ask first" camp.

I know I haven't been here very long, so perhaps I shouldn't have said anything.

You have every right to give your opinion and thank you for it. As you will see in my earlier post I agree with you too.

Kind regards

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