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Re: e-group UK forum terms and conditions

I am the one that had to point out the Ts&Cs, which I had read when I first joined the group. They are very clear and the particular rule provides a simply and very effective way of conveying thoughts. (Picture vs 1000 words etc...)

I strongly believe they should NOT be changed, they are the rules and anyone not likeing them should not use the forums. However if as suggested the system can be enhanced to provide a Tick Box ("do not edit this picture", which by default should be set in line with the existing rules), then everyone should be satisfied.

If anyone took the time and trouble to edit one of my images and give constructive comments, I'd be only to gratefull to them, in the same way as I respect the opinions of judges who I present my work to. I may not always agree but that is the condition which we accept when entering competitions and Forums such as this...

Hopefully this "debate" will serve to enlighten members to the "Rules" and we can continue to use the forum as it was intended to be used, without further distraction or upsetting peoples sensibilities...

Regards to all

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