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Re: e-group UK forum terms and conditions

First, I must say, somehow I agree with you all.

It may not a big deal, but I think it is bad habit to regard everything on the internet as freeware. Editing an image may be necessary to show something which is difficult to explain, which was not the case in the incident. The words used explained well the points that were critisised, even if I may not agree, but I well understood. So, as I see it, there was absolutely no need.

Regardless of which, I think it should be the opposite way, editing is by default prohibited unless it is asked for or permission is granted by the photographer.

I disagree with the comment that this is an amateur forum, because it has nothing to do with if you are an amateur or a pro. As a matter of fact, I have written a few articles in a Swedish aviation magazine a few years back (the magazine does not exist any more) and every time I sent in some material I had to sign an agreement that the illustrations are mine, or I have permission to use them. Until I produced that, the magazine would not print, regardless of how obvious it was that I would be the copyright owner or that I would have the permission. So, even if my images were printed, I am still an amateur because I feed my family using money I earn mainly through other type of work, not photography or writing. Now I am 'working' on another project, and when that is finished, I will still be an amateur, in fact, I have taken a decision about 30 years ago never to become a pro photographer, but that is a different story.

I also agree that the T&C is clear and easyly understood, but understandig it was not the problem. I admit, I didn't read it, because for such a basic thing, I assumed it would be the other way round, not the way it says in the T&C. When the T&C was pointed out to me, I apologized to the member, since he was following the rules (probably not knowing he was, but anyhow...), and I was stupid not reading the T&C before posting my images. To sum up the whole story, it was totally my fault, I neglected reading the T&C.

What I would wonder, how many can honestly state they read every word of it, and all the other conditions and rules? I am however very glad if the T&C is getting an update in this regard. It is easier to do that while the forum is still small.

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