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Old 6th September 2018
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150 f2

One thing I will say about the 150 F2 and why I would maybe consider one if I wasn't a S*ny fan at the moment is:

The 150 F2 is a tremendously versatile lens, especially if you carry a 1.4x and 2.0x converter with you.

Then it can be used as an (equivalent to):

300 F2
420 f2.8
600 F4

It's super-sharp, bright and the image quality doesn't seem to noticeably deteriorate when used with the converters. You just have to feel like carrying it and preferably use a monopod/tripod or a camera with good built in IS.

I sold mine for a criminally low amount of money but everytime I see one for sale I feel kind of tempted....

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