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Old 16th August 2018
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Re: Pushing Tri-X

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
I used always used to use the wonderful Agfa APX25 for landscapes etc, and boy does that stuff make you slow down. A tripod is pretty much essential with that, so now that I can't be bothered to carry one about anymore something a bit faster is better!

With digital it ought to be possible to replicate the look of pushed film using adjustments such as an extreme "S-curve", but I grant you that film grain is preferable to digital noise.
Still many great emulsions out there to be sampled. More than you think!

There's a photographer I follow. All B&W using digital. Love the way he destroys the mid tones. In his own words 'F**< the mid tones'.
Here's a link:

on flickr
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