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Re: Battery life indicator

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
There's no 'memory effect' in lithium ion batteries TTBOMK.
AFAIK Memory effects ere only really a problem with NiCd rechargables.

On my non Olympus cameras I've often seen the battery charge indicator drop very suddenly after shooting a burst of images. If the camera is left idle for a few minutes it will usually fully recover. This suggests the larger current drain causes a temporary voltage drop giving false readings of the remainder.

The issue is not unique to Olympus, but if you only view the battery life after the cameras had a bit of a rest you should get a much more reliable reading. I've completed a club location visit taking over 50 shots when my camera thought the battery was almost depleted after the first shot. Other occasions when I've been taking shots less intensively the red warning has come quite shortly before the camera has cut out (fully flat).

I'm not sure but I suspect running the battery that low has reduced it's subsequent capacity.
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