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Gimbal head advice & experience

I think the time has come for me to get a proper gimbal head, and the LensMaster RH-1 and RH-2 seem to offer the best balance of practicality and reliable function (much as I know I'd enjoy the quality of a Wimberley, I can buy several lensmasters for the cost should one or two of them wear out!).

I'm interested mainly in motorsports and wildlife photography (game drives and walks rather than birding, although I do a little of that) on carbon Manfrotto legs and monopod.

I shall be using an E-M1 with the new 70-150 f2.8 and converter, a Panasonic 100-300 with a R-Roesch rotating Arca-Swiss foot, and I shall probably have trouble resisting the 300 f4 when it come out. I have a RRS EM-1 L-plate.

Should I go for the RH-1 or RH-2 (or even their Traveller head)? I'm a little concerned with the RH-1 and Traveller that movement might be somewhat restricted when using it with m4/3 lenses (rather than FF or APSC), especially if I'm also using the body with an HLD7 battery pack grip.

All advice and comments most gratefully received.

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