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Re: Seeking Advice on Lenses

Hello Julian, welcome to the forum.

The answers to your questions depend very much on your priorities. The one lens that I would suggest is outstanding is the Oly 45mm f/1.8. It is tiny, weighs nothing, focusses lightning fast, delivers excellent quality, and best of all doesn't cost much.

Once you get past that you have to decide what is important to you - size, weight, cost, quality, flexibility of zooms vs size and faster aperture of primes etc. Most of which are mentioned in the earlier contributors' posts.

One area where native m43 is lacking at the moment is long and fast. There are some interesting things on the way - the Oly 45-150 f/2.8 and 300 f/4 - which will almost certainly be good and even more certainly will cost a fair bit. If you already have some Canon lenses which you like, you can get adapters to fit them onto your body. You will only have manual focus, which may or may not be a deal-breaker depending on your shooting style. Some people here have had great success shooting nature with long Canon telephotos, for example.

Good luck.

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